Tony Ford

Tony is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has launched, scaled, sold and exited multiple companies in the software, consumer packaged goods, biotechnology and brick and mortar industries. He served as the Lead instructor and curriculum designer for the Thryve ScaleUp accelerator in Tucson, AZ for 3 years and has mentored 200 companies across varied industries. Tony has also served as a senior marketing strategist for multiple agencies and as an ecommerce and technology consultant for industry trade groups and the US State Department. Tony holds an MBA in international business and has been an award winning radio host, TEDx speaker and stand up comic. He has extensive C suite experience as a COO, CSO, and CEO guiding companies to growth and through fundraising and exit.

Business approach

Tony focuses on understanding the entire business from initial customer interest to profit at the bottom line and then uses rapid experimentation and lean startup methods to move quickly through data driven experiments to optimize each stage of the business model.  He believes marketing is more than just ads and copy.  Marketing is aligning the business with the specific pain of a specific customer and through deep customer empathy unlocking the path to rave reviews, ecstatic customers, and rapid growth.  

Technical Skills

Tony is a certified SCRUM Master, and has managed extensive PPC campaigns up $1 million dollars per day in ad spend.  He has spent 15 years studying ecommerce optimization and consumer psychology in pricing, user experience, and copywriting.

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